Linda Alfin graduated with a bachelors in illustration from The Fashion Institute of Technology in 1997.

After graduation she illustrated foreign postage stamps for two years under the guidance of her mentor. She had created over 100 stamps which have been bought by several African and British countries.

While creating stamps Linda also illustrated storyboards for what might become a featured animation one day. She digitally illustrated over 500 images which were used by the writer to show to different producers. They hope for it to be in theaters some time in the near future.

In the summer of 2000, Linda was asked to paint a mural in a club with the theme of a jungle.

She was there for three months and painted over 250 feet worth of wall throughout the club. That is how Linda's mural carreer began.

All of her work has snowballed through word of mouth and she counts on her customers to show off the beauty of her work.

Linda is also commissioned to paint portraits, dog portraits and any other specific images one might want painted for them.

A request Linda recently had was to illustrate a poem and turn it into a book. The poem was written about the clients grandson. Linda turned the poem into an actual picture book. The client was so happy that they then did the same for her granddaughter.




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